Since 2012, Indonesia Operational Excellence Conference and Award (OPEXCON) continues. One thing that remains unchanged is our persistent to advance our programs to be Indonesia’s best project competition.

OPEXCON is the biggest operational excellence conference & award in Indonesia. Opexcon presents the practitioners of Operational Excellence for sharing and benchmarking with other companies who successfully implementing Operational Excellence. Besides sharing about operational excellence from various Indonesian industry, we also invite Indonesian economist to predict about Indonesia economy for the next year at the session of indonesia economic outlook, to get an overview and a prediction of the obstacles and challenges of the future Indonesia economic industry.

OPEXCON Project Competition

OPEXCON gives an opportunity for Indonesian companies to compete their successful project of operational excellence implementation. The criteria for being the winner of Project Improvement Competition are:

  1. Project Selection and Methodology
  2. Problems Analysis
  3. Solution
  4. Project Scale
  5. Impact
  6. Presentation Skill

OPEXCON Award is your proof of excellence, portfolio to highlight the qualifications in improvement and innovation. Winning the OPEXCON Award is a great achievement that brings company prestige and recognition. Join us, for more information please contact our team at or +62 878 576 30200 (Dewi)

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