Dear Industry Leader, we are excited to announce the Call for Speakers for the 12th Indonesia Operational Excellence Conference (OPEXCON), scheduled to take place on November 21, 2023 in Jakarta. This is a fantastic opportunity for industry leaders like you to share your expertise and insights with a diverse and engaged audience.

OPEXCON is the biggest and most awaited Operational Excellence event in Indonesia. The aim of this event is to be a platform to gain business stakeholder’s awareness on how important business process improvements & innovations are, and to spread the spirit of continuous improvement. OPEXCON was has always been attended by 500++ participants consisting of business executives, operational excellence practitioners, innovator leaders, and others professionals.

Why Speak at OPEXCON? 

  • Connect with industry peers and professionals
  • Showcase your expertise to a wide audience
  • Elevate your personal brand and professional profile
  • Contribute to the advancement of Indonesia’s industry

Topics of Interest

We are seeking speakers to cover a range of topics within the “Operational Excellence for Business Sustainability and Growth”, including but not limited to: 

  1. Continuous Improvement Strategies: building resilient business that can withstand disruptions while maintaining sustainable practice
  2. Innovative Technologies for Operational Excellence : highlight the latest technology (AI, IoT, renewable energy, and green technologies)
  3.  Integrated Sustainability: how organization can integrate sustainability principles into their operational practices to drive innovation

If you are passionate about this topic and have valuable insights to share, we invite you to submit a speaking proposal. To do so, please provide the Presentation Title and Brief Abstract (around 150 words).

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope to welcome you as a speaker at OPEXCON 2023.

Best regards,

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