Let’s join our annual “OPEXCON Project Competition”!

OPEXCON Project Competition is the most prestigious operational excellence competition in Indonesia. We are inviting all improvement and innovation leaders to participate in this event.

Why I should join OPEXCON?

  1. Project Assessment. OPEXCON Project Competition participant will present the project in front of judges: Practitioners (SSCX International), Academics (ITB/UI/others), and Government (Kementerian Perindustrian RI).  Participant will get evaluation and insightful feedback from Judges, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the projects for further improvement. Presentation conducted via online.
  2. To Celebrate Project Achievement. Highlight yourself (and teams) as an award winner to your Coworkers, Colleagues, and Clients. Make your organization proud of you.
  3. Certificate of Quality and Prestige. OPEXCON Award is your proof of excellence, portfolio to highlight the qualifications in improvement and innovation. Winning the OPEXCON Award is a great achievement that brings company prestige and recognition. We also provide press release (winners list) and publish it in all SHIFT media platform and our media partner.

Project Category

Projects will be grouped by industry sector:

  1. Manufacture
  2. Services
  3. Mining & Energy

Project Criteria

  1. Applying PDCA/ QCC Methodology, Six Sigma (DMAIC), Lean/ Kaizen, Project Management, Design Thinking, Agile, or any improvement/innovation method
  2. The Project has never been submitted at previous OPEXCON Project Competition
  3. No Limitation of number of project submission for each company

Scoring Criteria

The best projects are evaluated with this criteria: 1. Project Selection and Methodology; 2. Problems Analysis; 3. Solution; 4. Project Scale; 5. Impact; 6. Presentation Skill


For more information please contact our team at info@shiftindonesia.com or +62 878 576 30200 (Dewi)

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